Retails Floor Coverings

everroll® Rubber Flooring Collection for shop flooring, storerooms, retail fitouts

Product Details

Regupol's everroll® Rubber Flooring is a great product to use in all kinds of retail flooring applications. It is suitable for use in retail fitouts, storerooms and walkway areas.
It is an easy to clean flooring alternative that can be customised with colour and logos to suit your companies corporate design.

everroll® core

Whether its the core ingredients and the energetic vibrant colours or its the high quality manufacturing process, this is our No.1 selected product for sports and fitness worldwide.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
4 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm.

everroll core Berlin

core Berlin

everroll core Goa

core Goa

everroll core Palau

core Palau

everroll core Amsterdam

core Amsterdam

everroll core Mons

core Mons

everroll core Manaus

core Manaus

everroll core Sidon

core Sidon

everroll core Melbourne

Core  Melbourne

everroll® tone

With proven tough and durable core ingredients, this is a quality product that needs to be seen. The product is balanced with its key ingredients of high eco-preferred content and selected tones of EPDM rubber granules.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
4 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm.

everroll tone Perth

tone Perth

everroll tone Auckland

tone Auckland

everroll tone Kush

tone Kush

everroll tone Sydney

tone Sydney

everroll tone Berlin

tone Berlin

everroll tone Nome

tone Nome

everroll tone Goa

tone Goa

everroll tone Lhasa

tone Lhasa

everroll® vitality

This product works extremely well to break-up or distinguish any area. The material uses a higher volume of EPDM with a equal balance of tough eco-preferred rubber. This combination of core ingredients creates wonderful floors that are low maintenance and low cost.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
Thickness 4 mm.

everroll vitality Berlin

vitality Berlin

everroll vitality Kush

vitality Kush

everroll vitality Nome

vitality Nome

everroll vitality Goa

vitality Goa

everroll® intensity

Introducing the evolution of everroll®. Here is a flooring product infused with explosions of high quality EPDM rubber, a material renowned for its durability, flexibility and vibrant colour.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
Thickness 4 mm.

everroll intensity Berlin

intensity Berlin

everroll intensity Nome

intensity Nome

everroll intensity Jakarta

intensity Jakarta

everroll intensity Kypros

intensity  Kypros

everroll intensity Island

intensity Island

everroll intensity Mons

intensity Mons

everroll® active

Here is a very unique and versatile rubber flooring material that brings high traffic flooring spaces to life. Fine particles of high quality EPDM rubber have been injected to create a flooring system with greater density, yet a soft resilience to the touch. So it offers a solution with high levels of comfort and impressive durability.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
Thickness 4 mm.

everroll active Berlin

active Berlin

everroll active Kush

active Kush

everroll active Nome

active Nome

everroll active Goa

active Goa

everroll active Oslo

active Oslo

everroll active Mons

active Mons

everroll® shape

The non-laminated surface is made from fine coloured EPDM rubber granules, producing a high density rubber flooring that sparks the right attention. everrol Shape
adds colour, making it ideal for adding boarders, running tracks, logo infill's and even shapes. Being soft to the touch makes this product a popular choice within the everrol composite flooring system.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
Thickness 4 mm.

everroll shape Berlin

shape Berlin

everroll shape Kush

shape Kush

everroll shape Palau

shape Palau

everroll shape Amsterdam

shape Amsterdam

everroll shape Nome

shape Nome

everroll shape Oslo

shape Oslo

everroll shape Goa

shape Goa

everroll shape Mons

shape Mons

everroll shape Manaus

shape Manaus

everroll® diamont

There’s a striking shimmer you’ll observe in everroll® Diamont that deserves closer investigation. Embedded within the rubber lie diamond-like reflective particles that emit a sparkle which responds to both artificial and natural light.

Available in rolls, tiles and planks.
Thickness 4 mm

everroll diamont Berlin

diamont Berlin

everroll diamont Mons

diamont Mons

Technical Details

Roll width: 1.25m

Tiles: 600 x 600mm

Planks: 1200 x 300mm

Thickness: 4-12mm

Material Composition: Recycled rubber, synthetic EPDM rubber, polyurethane.