Regupol One Part Acrylic Adhesive For Dry Areas

This product is a semi-pressure sensitive acrylic based one way stick adhesive, especially formulated to give high tack. Regupol one part acrylic acoustic adhesive was specifically designed to bond selected Regupol acoustic underlays and selected Regupol flooring products to most common dry area interior sub-floors.

Technical Details

 Appearance  Off white
 Base  Acrylic Latex
 Viscosity  120,000 cps + 10% at 25c
 Solids  71% + 1%
 Plasticizer resistance  Very good
 Specific gravity  1.2
 Tack up  10 - 20 mins
 Coverage  2-2.25m per litre
 Shelf life  12 months in unopened container at 20c
 Pot size  10lt pails



 Water based
 Non flammable
 Semi-pressure sensitive
 Spreads easily
 Aggressive tack
 Can be heat reactivated
 Good water resistance
 Excellent ageing resistance