Sports & Fitness Facility Flooring

Enhance your gymnasium floor with our RegupolŪ and everrollŪ collection of rubber flooring

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Regupol know that the fitness industry requires flooring that is fit enough and tough and enough to meet their industry standards. We have been continually supplying our rubber flooring and rubber matting products to the fitness and leisure industry for over 20 years in Australia. Proven time and time again, the range of RegupolŪ and everrollŪ recycled rubber floors offer a multitude of benefits including; safety, comfort, durability and affordability.

the everrollŪ collection of rubber flooring

everroll Rubber Flooring everrollŪ rubber flooring is a collection of our most sought after colours and material compositions used in today's sporting and leisure industry. The number of everrollŪ benefits include; comfort, safety and durability; all of this making is a healthy flooring alternative in any fitness gymnasium or sporting club. The anti slip, non-laminated surface has excellent noise absorbing qualities and is easy to clean and maintain.

Application: any fitness gymnasium, creches, spin studios, cardio rooms, leisure parks, fitness centres, entry areas and foyers. Regupol also offer rubber matting to use under gym equipment.

everrollŪ puzzletile rubber matting

everroll puzzletile Rubber Flooring everrollŪ puzzletile can be laid over existing floors on a temporary or permanent basis. Each individual everrollŪ puzzletile has interlocking teeth that ensure that the tiles remain securely in place.
everrollŪ puzzletile is available in all of the ranges from the everrollŪ collection.

Application: Home gyms.

everrollŪ composite rubber floors

everroll composite rubber floors  everrollŪ composite flooring is a two layered flooring system comprising of a selected RegupolŪ shock absorbing and soundproofing underlay - finished with your preferred everrollŪ rubber flooring colour choice. Each floor can be customised to suit any application and level of resilience and comfort required.

Application: Aerobics floors, yoga & pilates studios, martial arts, children's creche and circuit rooms. 

RegupolŪ rubber flooring tiles

rubber paverOffering high load and impact resistance, the RegupolŪ rubber flooring tiles are the preferred choice for free weights and noise sensitive areas. Available in a number of thicknesses and compositions; offering good impact sound absorption and shock absorbency to heavy use areas. RegupolŪ rubber flooring tiles are an ideal rubber matting alternative for under gym equipment.

Application: For weight-lifting areas in fitness centers and areas that are exposed to high impact pressure, Powerlifting, Home Gyms and Physio Gyms.