Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation Floors

Regupol® it just feels right

Regupol Australia have developed twelve individual products that make up the Regupol® Acoustic Underlay Collection. All of them have been developed with specific applications in mind, however, many of them provide more than one area of application. Select a Regupol® acoustic system by application.

Recycled materials and products, such as Regupol® can play such a major role in the design and construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. To ensure this, we have had many of the Regupol® Impact Sound Acoustic Underlay’s Good Environmental Choice Australia certified for their environmental contribution. The selected Regupol® products will provide a Level A sustainability factor weighting (100%) within the Green Star Sustainable Products Calculator. Look for the Good Environmental Choice Australia tick to confirm if the product has been independently certified. When it comes to soundproofing floor coverings we have the right products and acoustic systems to meet various levels of building regulations and standards. We work together with you and by sharing our experience and technical knowledge, we get the right results. We look forward to working together to make floors sound great.

Regupol® Acoustic Underlay Collection

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