Regupol (Australia) Pty Ltd is the Australasian office and distribution network for BSW GmbH, committed to sound environmental practice across all of our operations. As we improve and refine our knowledge and capabilities, we will strive for environmental excellence in our responsible use of resources and application of effective environmental practices.

Material Sourcing

Manufactured in Germany by BSW GmbH. BSW is one of the world’s largest users of scrap tyre rubber, reducing, recycling and re-using it in the manufacture of a broad range of rubber products.

Through effective environmental processes BSW is:

  • Reducing the amount of scrap tyre rubber at source.
  • Recycling and converting scrap tyre rubber into viable materials and products.
  • Re-using scrap rubber, scrap foam, packaging and other process materials recovered from production for waste minimization.
  • Actively seeking out raw materials which are environmentally sound.

Manufacturing Processes

BSW has continually improved the environmental care in its production facilities and is committed to improving production processes from an environmental perspective. In doing so, BSW ensures that:

  • No production waste is land filled – all off-cuts and remnants are re-processed.
  • Every production process and product is examined with regard to environmental capabilities, ensuring minimal or zero negative environmental impact.
  • The impact of company activities on the environment and employees is minimized, by observing all technical and economic guidelines.

Product Range

From material composition to manufacturing process, Regupol® and everroll® product ranges are highly sustainable.  With proven environmental credential. Many of the Regupol® and everroll® product ranges are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Certified) under the GECA 25-2011 V2 Floor Coverings Standard.

Regupol® and everroll® product ranges are:

  • Manufactured from post-consumer and pre-consumer waste components