REGUPOL Australia Pty. Ltd.

Company Profile

REGUPOL Australia Pty. Ltd. is a company filled with enthusiastic employees dedicated to the sales and service of the finest quality recycled products.

For more than 30 years Regupol has been supplying the sporting, education, retail, commercial and construction industries with the internationally recognised range of Regupol® recycled rubber flooring and acoustic underlay products and systems.

Our customers are more than valuable to us, they have played a major role in the continuing evolution of Regupol® products and by listening to their needs we constantly meet or exceed their expectations.

At Regupol we want our customers to receive complete satisfaction and enjoyment from our products and services; by working with Regupol you are not just getting a product - you're getting all that we encompass.

The Manufacturer

Company BSW GmbH

BSW GmbH is a three generation family owned and operated company who pride themselves on not only producing environmentally conscious products, but also by their implementation of the envirnonmental practices throughout the entire operation.

For more than 50 years BSW GmbH have been manufacturing and delivering the highest quality recycled products to costumers all over the world and as a company they are highly regarded for their dedication to social, environmental and community values on a global scene.