Karte Auslandsvertretung BSW GmbH

BSW sells its products through a global network of more than 80 distributors, its own sales offices and subsidiaries. In numerous countries, BSW has several retail and sales partners for different product groups, while other foreign partners will be responsible for whole regions.

In most countries, BSW products are sold under their brand names, while some dealers also create their own names. Here BSW stands out with its flexible, pragmatic approach. BSW cultivates long-standing business relationships with most sales partners on the basis of loyalty, trust and reliability as key attrib-utes in the company's relationship with its customers.

This has also been the basis on which numerous BSW products have gained essential market shares in many countries. The Regupol® brand name is well known in the international construction industry, while the Regupol tartan® athletics tracks enjoy great global celebrity. They can be found on school sports grounds in Peru or Micronesia and in the largest and most famous sports stadiums on all continents.

The everroll® fitness flooring was already well known and distributed in the USA and Australia at a point in time when it was still practically unknown in Germany and Europe. On the basis of this success abroad, BSW in recent years has also successfully established everroll® in Germany and many other European countries.