everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Regupol® and everroll® are globally recognised and market leading brands, consistently used on high profile construction projects worldwide.

Regupol® is the first and still considered the best quality recycled rubber in the world.  Regupol® as a name quiet simply stands for its material composition RE-recycled GU-gummy rubber POL–polyurethane. A name that took on an environmental concern of tyre waste back in the 1960’s and invented what we know today as Regupol®.

Regupol® has continued to re-invent itself into many products, applications and end uses.  Forward thinking and high quality German manufacturing have continued to lead the way for recycled products all around the world.

The Regupol® products are made into rolls, sheets, tiles and moulded forms.  The products cover the globe in many fields of applications.

  • Sports underlays; hockey, tennis, soccer fields
  • Sports floor underlays; multi-purpose halls
  • Athletic track surfacing
  • Membrane protection matting
  • Impact sound insulation underlays
  • Vibration isolation matting
  • Playground rubber surfacing
  • Safety and load restraint matting
  • Equine rubber safety surfacing

everroll® is different…this product evolved by itself, by consumer demand.  Before the green movement for sustainable products, our customers wanted a rubber floor that was tough, durable, anti-slip and looked good.  With installations in Australia existing 20 years the everroll® rubber flooring has proven its value and performance within the flooring industry.

everroll® is manufactured from high quality recycled rubber and EPDM granulates bound with polyurethane.  The everroll® rubber flooring collection is Good Environmental Choice Australia independently certified for its environmental contribution.

everroll® is available in seven (7) distinctive product ranges with a total of 43 colours to choose from.  With featured benefits of safety, comfort, resilience and strength everroll® makes an excellent flooring choice within commercial, fitness, education, retail and community facilities.  All of the everroll® flooring products are homogenous, have no wear layer and  are PVC free. The products are available in rolls, modular tiles, planks and hexagons.

everroll® is a product is still evolving and expanding its number of applications within the following building sectors.

  • Fitness and health clubs
  • Aquatic and leisure centres
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping centres and retail stores
  • Community buildings
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Green Buildings

For more information on everroll® for Fitness, Sports and Leisure applications - see here.

For more information on everroll® for Commercial, Retail, Education applications - see here.

everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Core Range
(8 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Tone Range
(8 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Vitality Range
(4 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Intensity Range
(6 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Active Range
(6 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Shape Range
(9 Colours)
everroll® REGUPOL BSW GmbH
everroll® Diamont Range
(2 Colours)