Customized Production

Customized BSW Martial Art Mat

Regupol and the parent company BSW sell their martial arts mats almost exclusively to specialised retailers all over the world, who resell the mats under their own name. Although BSW is probably the world’s largest manufacturer of martial arts mats, we remain in the background and the majority of athletes will not have heard of us.

Most of the mats leaving our factory belong to our standard range. However, Regupol also produces customised mats, depending on the order volume. Variations are possible with regard to dimensions, foam thickness and composition, workmanship details as well as material, colour, structure and inscriptions on the fabric cover.

Regupol has also worked together with key account customers to develop new martial arts mats specially rated to particular requirements which are often then sold exclusively by the particular customer. Given its decades of experience, Regupol is in a position to combine customised innovation with the very best quality.


The foam cores of BSW martial arts mats consist of Variofoam®. Variofoam® is one of BSW’s four basic materials that form the foundation for the whole product range of the parent company. Variofoam® is made by BSW and undergoes constant further development.

Apart from being used in martial arts mats, BSW also supplies this material to numerous industrial companies who continue processing Variofoam® themselves. Martial arts athletes all over the world benefit from the high flexibility offered by BSW and Regupol with their own production of the Variofoam® core used in the martial arts mats, as well as continuous monitoring of material quality from production through to final processing.