everroll® Core Range

Our number one

Strength, endurance and good looks; these are the proven qualities of everroll® Core. This remarkable flooring solution has been our number one preference of fitness facilities around the world for some very good reasons.

For starters everroll® Core is able to sustain high impact and endure heavy duty use. Offering a broad spectrum of colours to coordinate with your corporate colour palette or design theme.

everroll® Core comes in a range of thicknesses matched to suit low impact and high impact activities. Ask us for a colour sample to help select the optimum solution for your environment.

everroll Core Berlin commercial flooring
everroll® Core Berlin
everroll Core Palau retail flooring
everroll® Core Palau
everroll Core Goa education flooring
everroll® Core Goa
everroll Core Sidon rubber flooring
everroll® Core Sidon
everroll® Core Melbourne flooring system
everroll® Core Melbourne
everroll Core Amsterdam resilient floors
everroll® Core Amsterdam
everroll Core Mons sustainable rubber flooring
everroll® Core Mons
everroll Core Manaus high quality flooring
everroll® Core Manaus

Often used in

  • Weights and Strength Training
  • Cross Fitness Training
  • Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges
  • Ice and Roller Skating Rinks
  • End-of-Trip Facilities

Refer to the everroll® Product Selector for more applications

Product Data

Thickness4mm, 8mm, 12m
Roll Length40lm, 25lm, 20lm
Roll Width1.25m
Tiles600mm x 600mm
Planks1200mm x 300mm
Hexagons600mm x 520mm

Note: The everroll® collection of rubber flooring is made from recycled materials, variations in the shading, EPDM and colour chip dispersion is normal.