Regupol® Elastic Tile RG 520

Product Details

Regupol® Elastic Tile RG520 REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Regupol® Elastic Tiles RG 520 are ideally suited for outdoor applications.

Thanks to their unique material density projectiles penetrate only with a low kinetic energy into the tiles and ricochet is reliably prevented.

Technical Details

Standard Dimensions1,000 x 500 mm per unit
Dimensional toleranceslength/width ±1%
Thickness ±2 mm
Thickness43, 60, 100 mm
Weight per m²approx. 22.5 kg/m² (at 43 mm thickness)
approx. 31.5 kg/m² (at 60 mm thickness)
approx. 52.0 kg/m² (at 100 mm thickness)
ColoursRed Brown, Black