Regupol® Safety Flooring FH

Product Details

Regupol® Safety Flooring FH REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Regupol® Safety Flooring FH is applied in situ in liquid form by skilled installation technicians, in order to guarantee top-class quality and an even, seamless surface. The base layer consists either of elastic tiles made of PUR-bonded rubber fibre material or if required of Regupol® rolls type 7619/II. Its resistance to all kinds of mechanical influences makes this a hard-wearing floor surface that will be around for decades. This surface is available in numerous different colours.

Regupol® E43 Elastic Tiles

PUR-bonded high-quality rubber fibres with a triple PUR layer and a wear-resistant surface coating

Technical Details

Standard Dimensions1,000 x 500 mm per tile
Dimensional Toleranceslength/width ± 1% Thickness ± 2mm
ThicknessBlack base mat 43 mm, PUR layer 2 mm; other thicknesses on request
Weight per m²approx. 40 kg/m²

Regupol® 7619/II Elastic Layer

Instead of Regupol® Elastic Tiles, rolls made of Regupol® can also be applied as sub-base. Regupol® rolls are available in different thicknesses

SurfaceSeamless sealed
Colour Wear LayerBlack base mat, PUR coated surface available in many different colours.
CleaningEasy to clean, wet cleaning is also possible

Test Result Rebound and Ricochet Behaviour

Projectiles fired from angles of between 10° and 90°: none of the projectiles fired resulted in rebounds or ricochet and therefore presented no danger to the marksmen. The projectiles or projectile fragments were all successfully absorbed by the Regupol® Safety Flooring. Certified by the German Proof House in Ulm.

Test Result Electrostatic Behaviour

In line with DIN 54346. Certified by TFI (Textile and Flooring Institute GmbH).