Colour Selection

BSW flooring designer

The BSW flooring designer enables you to create individual colour combinations of BSW flooring and to add them to the provided illustrations. Construction planners, interior designers and decorators as well as designers have the opportunity to develop and to visualize tailor made flooring designs for their project – online, fast and extremely realistic.


Photo Viewer

Choose a photo from the Photo Viewer that fits best to your project: no matter whether it is a children´s playground, a fitness centre, a tartan track or another theme.

Select one of the proposed patterns and drag it into the photo.

Select one of the proposed patterns and drag it into the photo. You can extract the photo and add it to your concept and offer information.

colour mixer

Our colour mixer offers you the virtual combination of flooring textures and variable colours. On the left you can elevate or reduce the percentage of each chosen colour. In this way individual designs for all kind of products are created. BSW will then manufacture client, or rather object-specific, products. These photorealistic designs can, of course, be exported as well.

Result in the Photo Viewer

After having saved your colour draft, it is available in the Photo Viewer. Now you can drag it into one of the illustrations to get an impression of its long-distance effect.