Regupol® AG for Athletic Indoor Tracks

Product Details

Athletic Track Regupol AG for Portable Indoor Tracks

Regupol® AG for Athletic Indoor Tracks for indoor athletic events has the dimensions of a 200-metre running track. The floor system is suitable for competitions and meets the IAAF requirements for international competitions. The system is extremely hard-wearing, providing athletes with the highest level of comfort. Despite being a complex load-bearing construction, the system can be installed according to a fixed time schedule. The construction can be permanently installed in a hall or be used as a temporary installation, easily and rapidly disassembled after the event. The disassembled construction can later be reinstalled in the same hall or elsewhere.

This floor system can be used to equip halls otherwise not suitable for athletic events with a perfect indoor athletics surface within a relatively short space of time.

  • All facilities for jumping events, including sand pits, form an integral part of the floor construction.
  • The construction also includes the sports surface enclosed by the running track. This, too, is supported by a removable load-bearing construction and equipped with the Regupol® AG athletic track surface.
  • The floor construction is positioned on adjustable support pillars to balance out any unevenness in the floor of the hall.
  • The floor on which the Regupol® tartan track is positioned consists of solid composite wood panels and forms a stable, strong and even surface.
  • The Regupol® AG upper layer can be very rapidly installed, as the major components are made of pre-manufactured materials. This greatly facilitates the installation of the raised bends in particular.


1. Preparation of the construction elements2. Application of the elastic layer3. Application of the wearing layer4. Assembly of the complete construction5. The 200-metre circular track6. The central sports surface7. The 2013 European Athletics Indoor Championship in Göteborg, held on Regupol® AG