Regupol® AG RC

Product Details

Athletic track Regupol AG RC

Numerous older synthetic tracks are in the need of replacement. The Regupol® AG RC retopping product entails installing a new layer on the existing synthetic surface without removing the old elastic layer. At first it will be necessary to sand down and clean the wear layer of the existing surface. Afterwards the special PUR primer must be applied with subsequent installation of a self-levelling, seamless PUR coating into which the coloured EPDM granules are then embedded.

Finally, the tartan track will look like new again, at a price well below the cost of purchasing a complete track. Preliminary tests show whether the existing surface is suitable for retopping. Among others, tensile strength and shock absorption have to meet the requirements. Regupol® AG RC can be easily installed on the worn synthetic tracks of various manufacturers.

Regupol® AG RC offers the possibility to dispense with the lengthy, expensive construction of a new athletics track.