Regupol® sPORTrack for indoor athletics

Product Details

Kunststofflaufbahn Regupol sPORTrack für Hallenleichtathletik

The innovative sports floor system, Regupol® sPORTrack, has been specially designed for indoor athletic events. The design originated from the collaborative development work between BSW and the world-leading wooden floor manufacturer, Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG. Regupol® AG is used as the surface layer of the design. Regupol® AG has proven itself in countless competitions worldwide and has excellent physical characteristics for sport. 2.14 m x 1.07 m wooden floor plates were used as a foundation for the running track surface. Regupol® sPORTrack is prefabricated prior to the event and packed in transportable crates. The patented connection system guarantees a quick and easy assembly and dismantling of the high-performance floor, which allows the indoor athletics surface to be assembled within one day and dismantled one day after the event.


Regupol sPORTack
1. Wooden elements with patented connecting system on resilient foundation (e.g. screed)
Regupol sPORTrack
2. Applying the 2-K-PU glue
Regupol sPORTrack
3. Laying Regupol® track material on the wood elements with glue
Regupol sPORTrack
4. Coating the Regupol® track material with PU filler (pore seal)
Regupol sPORTrack
5. Applying the PU layer (poured)
Regupol sPORTrack
6. Mixing the EPDM granulate into the PU coating