Training track in Jamaika

New training track for Usain Bolt and his team colleagues

Since 1. Mai 2010 Usain Bolt and his team colleagues of the "Racers Track Club" do their training in a blue Regupol tartan® track made by Regupol's parent company BSW. Construction of the track is part of the advertising contract between BSW and Usain Bolt. The synthetic running track on Bolt's training grounds Jamaica is the same colour as the running track in Berlin's Olympic Stadium.

As soon as the building season on Jamaica started, a team of BSW employees was sent on the Caribbean island to perform and supervise the work, from producing the sub-base through to applying the lines.

Training Track in Jamaica REGUPOL BSW GmbHTraining Track in Jamaica REGUPOL BSW GmbHTraining Track in Jamaica REGUPOL BSW GmbHTraining Track in Jamaica REGUPOL BSW GmbH

In next-to-no time a Regupol® AG synthetic track pursuant to IAAF standards was created which is also supposed to host competitions.

The so-called "high-stress areas", the areas that see the greatest use from the first-rate athletes, i.e. where they do most of their running and where they train their starts, have been given a special treatment to cope with the high-stress use. It is a running track for professionals providing ideal conditions to Usain Bolt to prepare for upcoming events. 

Will he break his own record? Usain Bolt says:

"Watch out, 'cause I do my training on Regupol®!"

The advertising partnership between Usain Bolt and BSW initially runs for five years. The Jamaican athletes will be running on their tartan track even longer.

Usain Bolt: Vorsicht! Ich trainiere auf Regupol®!"

All photos of Usain Bolt's new training track were taken by Hugh Wright (Just Wright Photography Ltd, Jamaica).