Quality Check

Quality Check REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Quality features

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats are colour coded. The distinctive (and legally protected) yellow and green particles distinguish genuine Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats. Mistakes (genuine or otherwise) in supply are thus avoided. Only original Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats possess these colour codings.

Regupol® anti-slip mats consist of rubber fibres. They are ideal particularly for heavy loads, sharp edged cargo, transporting paper, steel sheets, chipboards, reinforcing steel mesh and all palletised loads. The special advantage of Regupol® anti-slip mats with their highly porous structure consists in absorbing soiling and moisture etc. from the floor. In contrast to anti-slip films and similar materials with a smooth surface, it therefore prevents any notable loss in sliding friction coefficient. Regupol® anti-slip mats are suitable for repeated use.

Australian Requirements

Regupol® Load Mats offer many benefits to the Australian transport industry and manufacturers of products that have special loading requirements for transportation on Australian roads. Our rubber matting is manufactured using recycled SBR rubber (car tyres) which means that it exceeds 0.60 co-efficient of friction.

It is common knowledge that the use of rubber Load Mat underneath a load can more than halve the number of lashing needed which offers drivers, owners, operators, freight consignors, manufacturers and suppliers cost savings as the load takes less time/materials to secure and the security that the load will have a higher chance of arriving at its destination safely.

The NTC Australia (National Transport Commission) provides access to the Load Restraint guide which outlines the correct procedures for safe cartage of loads on road vehicles. The Load Restraint Guide was prepared in co-operation with the RTA.

German Standard

Applications comply with DIN 75410 and BGI 649 (formerly ZH1/413). They meet the requirements as per VDI 2700, sheet 3.2, sheet 9 and sheet 15. Regupol non-slip mats reduce damage to the load and to the vehicles. Costs are reduced by minimizing the expenditure involved in wedging and tying down the load. Regupol non-slip mats effectively increase safety on road, rail, air and sea transport.

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats are tested by:

TÜV Nord
Fraunenhofer IML