Regupol® 9510 RHS plus

Product Details

Regupol® 9510 RHS plus REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Regupol® 9510 RHS plus can take higher loads than Regupol® 7012 LS plus. The maximum loading is 3.0 N/mm². It is used in many areas where conventional anti-slip mats based on SBR/NBR are not appropriate because of possible black discolouring.

Maximum loading

300 t/m² = 3.0 N/mm² when 8 mm thick

Sliding friction coefficient μD

Sheet 15 of Directive VDI 2700, define the minimum requirements for anti-slip mats’ friction coefficients. The Regupol® anti-slip mats easily exceed these minimum requirements by 15-50 % depending on the friction elements. Because the given circumstances are hard to calculate in practice (moisture, soiled load floor), a value of 0.6 μ should be the base for calculations (which is also recommended by sheet 15 of VDI 2700).

In addition, the behaviour of Regupol® has been measured under paper coils in a road test and has been certified by DEKRA. Result: Regupol® is suitable as a component in the load securing variation described in VDI 2700 page 9.

Regupol does not publish any generalised uncommented sliding friction coefficients. The sliding friction coefficient of a friction-increasing surface depends on the combination of materials involved, the temperature, the condition of the material surfaces and the anti-slip mat (soiling, moisture, etc.). The contact surfaces of load and floor must be swept clean, grease-free and dry to achieve optimum anti-slip properties.