Strata Enquiry Service

Noise in multi residential apartment living

Vinyl, timber floors, ceramic tiles, marble and stone are popular and wonderful floor surfaces, however, in multi residential apartment living they can create concerns with regard to noise and disturbance to neighbours.  To preserve serenity and peace in sensitive areas, impact noise must be controlled to suitable and tolerable levels. The most common impact sound problem is footfall noise transferring from floor to floor in multi residential apartment living. This type of noise can be treated directly underneath the chosen flooring finish with Regupol® Impact Sound Acoustic Underlay’s and Regupol Adhesives.

How do we help you?

Regupol Australia provide a number of specifically designed soundproofing systems to reduce the impact of footfall noise under all floor finishes including; resilient floors, tiles, timber, vinyl, rubber, screeds, bamboo, laminate, stone etc.

Our Regupol Strata Enquiry Service can assist you with product information and guidance to ensure the best outcome for all concerned.  Simply read the Strata Noise Information Sheet and complete the Regupol Strata Enquiry Form and then return it to us when you have gathered all the information required.

After evaluation of your Strata Enquiry Form you will be contacted by a Regupol Representative to discuss your project. You will be briefed on the options available for your floor acoustic treatment which will incorporate one or more of our Regupol® Impact Sound Acoustic Underlay’s and a Regupol Adhesive.

Strata Enquiry Service
Strata Noise - Information Sheet (pdf)Strata Noise - Information Sheet (pdf) (542.36 KB)
Strata Noise - Enquiry Form (pdf)Strata Noise - Enquiry Form (pdf) (126.85 KB)