Composite Flooring

Making floor design child’s play

picture of composite floor side on

There are times when design must take a back seat to comfort. In such instances, which may include children’s play areas like day-care and kindergarten interiors, everroll® Composite Flooring is an elementary choice. Durability and comfort are the result of a synthesis of composite layers. The upper wear layer is supported by a shock-absorbent Regupol® Shockpad Underlay, combining durability with added resilience.

Whilst there are two layers, the benefits are felt on many levels. On one hand, the safety of shock absorbency which is vital for growing bodies. On another level, it provides acoustic dampening of children’s noise while at play. With it’s high levels of comfort and resilience, everroll® Composite Flooring has the ability to remain permanently elastic for many years.

Place a sample in your hands, squeeze it and take hold of its possibilities.

Product Data

Thickness8mm + 4mm (12mm)
10mm + 4mm (14mm)
Roll Width1.25 metres

Note: The everroll® collection of rubber flooring is made from recycled materials, variations in the shading, EPDM and colour chip dispersion is normal.